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Our main clients are usually based in North America, we truly believe in high quality craftsmanship in products and designs which come from USA & Canada. However we believe for North American companies it can be very difficult to export, we see hurdles like; language barriers, time difference, different cultures and even the costly process of trying to grow into new markets. The appetite in Europe for American or Canadian products have grown and we are here to help you fulfil your potential and the market need


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We are a company with over 25 year’s experience in helping manufacturers from North America export their business into Europe, Middle East and BRICS regions. Our focus is primarily on sales development. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with clients to develop a custom business development model for European expansion. Today, our workforce consists of highly skilled, multilingual professionals committed to our clients’ success. For 2022 we will be opening our APAC division, focusing more on the Asia & Pacific regions.


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Why are

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Over the years we have noticed how difficult it can be for companies looking to export, companies face a lot of hurdles when it comes to export and frankly, some companies don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves. We feel there is a gap in the market for a company like us, who can help small to medium companies access a whole new market with minimal effort from their side.


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We believe we take away the difficulties for manufacturers. Using our teams in local countries we don’t face time difference issues and language barriers isn’t an issue either as we have multilingual speaking employees. So unlike a trade show where you may exhibit for a few days and pay a huge amount of money with no guarantee of sales, we are here to make exporting effective and as smooth flowing as possible.

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